About Sulis

Since the first Malcolm Rae Remedy Making machines various other makes of Remedy Maker have been developed and marketed by electronic engineers, but not by Homeopaths. When Tom Lafferty, an electronic engineer and Radionic Practitioner, and Stephen Silver, a Homeopath, teamed up the first Sulis Prototype MK2 was developed in 2001.

In 2003 Sulis launched the Sulis MK3 offering customers connectivity with devices such as QXCi and Korsakovian remedies.It also enables the Homeopath to give remedies directly to the patients skin. This can be uscessfully utilised with patients who cannot take remedies orally, or with patients who have specific toxic areas where oral remedies are not reaching, or for injuries or acupuncture points.

The Sulis 'Mini' (MK1) was launched in September 2007. This instrument is designed for practitioners travelling abroad who need a small portable device. Homeopathic patients may also purchase this instrument for use under the direction of their homeopath.

Sulis continues to work on new developments. We are currently working on a digital Radionic instrument and methods of transmitting remedies or other energy vibrations with light.

Sulis Customers

Sulis Remedy Makers are sold worldwide. Sulis has supplied Remedy Makers to Homeopaths, Doctors, Bioenergy Practitioners and Researchers all of whom have expressed satisfaction with the product after using it. They are used by Third World Countries where Homeopathic Remedies are not available. They are also used in Homeopathic Colleges in the UK.