All Sulis Instruments are battery operated. We have developed a mains adaptor for those users who are finding they need to replace their battery too frequently.It comes in two parts.

The battery replacement fits into the battery socket and is connected to a 9V mains power supply adaptor..

To use these adaptors you simply insert the battery replacment into the battery compartment, connect the mains lead from the mains adaptor and the LED will light. You can then turn your instrument on with the power switch.

Please note that as all our instruments were originally developed for battery power only, we advise that you switch off your instrument after use when using the mains adaptor. This will prevent too much stress on the instrument's components which could result from having the instrument switched on for long periods of time.

We supply the mains power adaptor currently UK 3 pin running on a mains 100/240V supply delivering 9V DC, and the battery compartment replacement.

If you in the EU, USA, Japan and need a UK 3 pin to 2 pin connector for your country you will need to purchase it separately.



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